What Do The 4 C’s of A Diamond Really Mean?

We often Hear The Basic Guide To Diamond Buying Depends On The Four C’s ….

- Color

- Cut

- Clarity

- Carat-weight

But How Do Each of These Basic Characteristics Work Together To Create the Best Possible Diamond You May want to Purchase for an Engagement Ring, Wedding Band, or Any Diamond or Gemstone Creation?

First, The Larger the diamond or its carat-weight the rarer it is. However Size isnt everything. The Better the color the more valueable it is. The greater the clarity, the more beautiful it is although shape is a matter of personal taste, it is the quality of the cut that gives the diamond its brilliance.

A Larger diamond with poor clarity or color may not be as valuable as a smaller diamond with greater, clarity & color. Although separate qualities, each of the 4 C’s work together to indicate the beauty and therefore the value of a diamond.

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